Motorhome rental Japan

One of the most exotic countries of the Eastern World surely is Japan. Explore the “land of the rising sun“ with a rental motorhome and get to know this country and its people.

Start your holidays in the capital city and supersize metropolis Tokyo. Dive into Japan’s fascinating pop culture, into the pulsing night life and recover afterwards in the Ueno Park while participating on the „Hanami”, the cherry blossom celebration. Of course you also get to know the traditional side of Japan there. Visit the shrines and temples of the Buddhism and Shinto religion, watch a Kabuki theatre and participate on a tea ceremony.

But Japan has a lot more interesting cities, e.g. Kyoto and Hiroshima. In Kyoto, for example, you can visit the imperial villa or feed the monkeys in the monkey park Arashiyama. In Hiroshima we recommend a trip to the rebuilt castle Hiroshima, including a visit of the museum, and the Hiroshima Botanical Garden. A very special destination is the “cat island” Tashirojima, where live more cats than humans and dogs are forbidden.

In „Nippon“ not only cities are worth seeing them. You shouldn’t miss a trip to the highest mountain and world culture heritage Fujisan as well as a hot bath in a traditional Onsen.

Without any doubt the easiest and most comfortable way to get to all these places is a round trip with a rented motorhome from McRent!

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