Camping car rental in Kofu

Kofu is well known for being close to mountains, lakes, forests and hot springs, called Onsen. With McRent you can now start your motorhome holidays at this popular destination.

Additional to these scenic attractions, which invite you to long hiking tours and restorative baths, Kofu offers a lot of religious points of interest. Umpteen temples of the Rinzai-shu-Buddhism (e.g. the Kofu Gozan) and also a couple of Shinto shrines (e.g. the Takeda shrine) can be visited.

Another place of interest is the about 400 years old ruin of Kofu castle, which has been restored little by little since 1998. From there you can enjoy a fantastic view over Shingen-ko Matsuri, a folk festival with a big public history play and over 100,000 guests per year. It even made a Guinness Book record for the biggest actor’s Samurai corp in 2012!


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