Camping car rental in Tokyo

Motorhome rental in Japan!

Japan’s capital city Tokyo is a superlative metropolis. With its 9 million inhabitants it’s the centre of industry, trading, traffic, education and culture in Japan and also the world’s fifth biggest financial centre.  Actually, the whole prefecture Tokyo is the biggest agglomeration worldwide!

In Tokyo you are spoilt for choice. Numerous museums, both modern and traditional theatres, karaoke bars or, for example, the shopping area Shinjuku invite you to extensive entertainment.
You can visit temples and shrines, the imperial palace Kokyo or make an excursion to the Tokyo Tower, one of Tokyo’s landmarks, which offers a spectacular view over the city.

For recovery we recommend to visit the Ueno Park, where you can walk through the Ueno Zoo or you can participate on the traditional „Hanami“ during the time of the cherry bloom. Hanami means „watching the blossoms“ and takes place every spring in the form of picnics and cherry blossom celebrations to cherish the beauty and symbolism of the cherry blossom.

As you can see, there is no better city to start your motorhome holidays in Japan as the pulsating, vivid Tokyo! So rent a motorhome from McRent Tokyo and enjoy the holidays of your dreams in the land of the rising sun.

Currently McRent has three stations in Hiratsuka, Kofu and Nagano.

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