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France - a country with 1.000 facets

This country is full of indescribable natural highlights. While in the southeast the snow lies on the mountains, people bathe in the sun on miles of sandy beaches at the Mediterranean Sea. The west of France is characterized by the rough landscape of the Bretagne. Go aboard on an old sail boat and explore the marvellous birds reserve at the Rosa-Granitküste. Experience an unforgettable seafaring and unique cultural heritage.

But why do you have to decide? With a motorhome of McRent you have the possibility to explore all these unusual and areas of France in a very flexible way.

Discover the highlights of France

Dig with your children at one of the beautiful sandy beaches of the Cote d´Azur or hike through the breathtaking countryside of the Normandy. Eat a crêpe in one of the comfortable restaurants in Quiberon and enjoy a glass of Cidre from the Bretagne.
Make a day trip to the Chateau de Versailles and let it make you feel like a king. Walk above the majestic area with your queen and admire the impressive castle grounds with marvellous terrace arrangement, flower beds, statues and fountains. Learn something about the history, but also about private things that happened at the Chateau de Versailles.

Pack your belongings and drive to Avignon with your rented motorhome. Show your children the home of the Glöckner of Notre-Dame.

France offers you diverse and unusual adventures like no country. With a motorhome of McRent you can experience all these adventures disengaged and flexible with family and friends.

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