Motorhome rental in Cologne / Bonn

Rent your motorhome at our McRent station in Cologne and start your journey from this point. 

Visit colognes number one place of interest, the cologne cathedral. This UNESCO world heritage owns the second highest church tower in Europe. You can even have a tour guide lead you up and have  a breathtaking view over cologne. 

People in cologne say: “Kölsch is the only language you can drink” what refers to the specific type of beer the people drink.  This type of beer is being drunk in specific 0.2 ml glasses and it is only allowed  to be brewed in cologne. So what about going downtown and visiting a pub or even taking a guided tour though a brewery since you won’t find this type anywhere else?

If you’re looking for the perfect view over cologne and don’t want to go up the cathedral you should consider visiting the cologne triangle. From this spot you will even have a good view on the cologne cathedral.

 On the backside of the cathedral the museum “Ludwig” is located and it that museum that is known for its Picasso and pop art collection. 

Think about stopping at the “Hohenzollernbrücke”. This bridge is a popular place for couples. You will see a ton off little locks that stand for the love of someone and how they promise their love to each other forever. People place the lock and throw the key away, into the water underneath this bridge. Doesn’t that sound like a romantic place? 

If you like a lot of things going on around you, plan your trip around the German Carnival. This is known as the years 5th season and it officially starts on November11th at 11:11 AM.. Everyone dresses up for this occasion in cologne and they really feel this season. 

Cologne is for sure a place with a lot of sites to see so look forward to trip with a lot of fun and action. 

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