Motorhome rental in Constance

Rent a motorhome at the McRent Station in Stockach (Constance) and start your journey at the Lake Constance.

Constance is the largest town at the Lake Constance. It’s situated at the boarder to Switzerland and has a strandline of about 34 kilometres.

The top-sight is the harbour of Constance and the lake promenade with a longitude of 3.5 kilometers.

The island Mainau is within a stone’s throw of Constance. The island is a large garden with small promenades. Innumerable flowers and plants are responsible for the colourful environment and the atmosphere that seeks its equals. For kids there is offered a kid’s area and a high rope course where they can have a fling. Enjoy the breathtaking setting on the Lake Constance in the middle of flowers with the camper. There are also guided tours offered in different languages.

If it rains, you have for example on the one side the possibility to visit the thermal spring in Constance or on the other side the Sea Life, where you can explore the underwater world.
If you are interested in history, you should visit the Niederburg. It’s the medieval district of Constance. In its alleys there is hardly any building which is younger than 500 years.
The cathedral of Constance is also lovely and well worth seeing. It’s located in the middle of the historic centre and you could go up to the top of the tower, where you have a great view: in the foreground the old town, in the background the magnificent setting of the Lake Constance with the Alpes.

In this setting between the Lake Constance, the awesome nature and the culinary highlights, it is double as much fun to camp and travel with the motorhome.
Everyday exploring something else and get many new impressions. That offers Constance and its surroundings.

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