Motorhome rental in Dresden

A wonderful way to get away from it all for a short time would be city trips.

To ensure your visit is a success, we have the perfect companion for you. You will experience one of the best travel experiences with our McRent motorhomes.

The most memorable moments you will have in the fields of art and culture in Dresden. Throughout the whole year the city offers a rich cultural life and large event highlights.
The memorial heart of the city is the ”Dresden Frauenkirche” (Church of Our Lady). Built between 1726 and 1743 the church and the city centre were destroyed in 1945. In the 20th century, the church and the surrounding Neumarkt were rebuilt and are today a major tourist destination of Dresden.

Dresden has other sightseeing attraction you must not miss. The residential castle with its three significant spires was built around 1500. Different electors and kings of Saxony lived there for almost 400 years. The Dresden cathedral or the cathedral of the holy trinity are also impressive with its details, walls and architecture in baroque style.

Not forgetting the golden horseman of Dresden. Probably the best known monument was built around 1933. It shows the elector Friedrich August I. better known as August the Strong.

What could be easier as to travel with a motorhome and visit all these beautiful places?
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