Motorhome rental in Eisleben

Rent your McRent motorhome at our pick up station in Eisleben and explore the so-called Lutheran town laid-back and regarding your interests.

Eisleben is known as the town where the well-known German reformer Dr. Martin Luther was born and where he has died. Explore the town’s places of interest by a lead city tour and get more information about the town’s history.

Find out more about the history of Luther and start finding out about his life at the house where he was born. The next point of reference is the baptistery of Luther which is the St.-Petri-Pauli-church. In the center of the church, you can find the baptismal font where Luther was baptized. Furthermore you can visit the St.-Andreas-Church. In this church, Luther held his last four preaches. And last you can visit the house where Luther has died.

Take a trip to the Rösthal where you can start to go on a hike from Seeburg to Rollsdorf, from one lake to another. This hiking trail will lead you through beautiful vineyards where you can enjoy the beauty of nature.

Eisleben is the perfect place to start your motorhome vacation with your motorhome from McRent. It offers many diversified activities for you and your family. Look forward to adventures times around Eisleben.

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