Motorhome rental in Frankfurt

Rent your Motorhome at our McRent station in Friedberg close to Frankfurt and discover the town that owns many faces. 

Frankfurt – the finance and exhibition center is a small form of a metropolis. It’s hard to believe that you can make it through downtown in about 20 minutes if you know that the city has around 700.000 habitants. For the person who looks at the metropolis from the distance, the city looks rapid, dynamic and fast but Frankfurt can also be really enjoyable and relaxing. 

If you like to go shopping, you should definitely make a shopping trip to the “Zeil”, one of Germany’s sales richest shopping streets. After this experience you can go hang out in one of Frankfurt’s famous cider pubs and meet up for “Schoppen”, (the Frankfurt term for having dinner) and enjoy the controversial village flair. 

Besides the city’s imposing Skyline, you can also find Ebbelwei pubs. You should definitely stop at one with your rented motorhome. Pay attention while walking through the alleys, right in between the living downtown you can find old historical sights and buildings like the “Kaiserdom” or the “Pauluschurch” which are worth to be seen.

If you’re interested in buildings of the middle ages in tracks of the aristocrats, it would be great to consider a trip with your rented motorhome to “Burg Eltz”. A guided tour through one of Germany’s best preserved fortresses is waiting for you. 

The cultural offer of Frankfurt is enormous.  Go look for the historic traces of Johann Wolfgang Goethe. Be part of musical events like “The German Jazz festival” or see museum highlights on your Motorhome trip for example the “Museum-bank-festival” or “The night of Museums”. Another attraction is to discover the old opera of Frankfurt. You can see Acts of national and international groups of actors and enjoy your evening while listening to some classic music.

Look forward to be exploring Frankfurt with your McRent motorhome, a metropolis with many faces that has a lot to offer!

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