Motorhome rental in Leipzig

Rent your motorhome at the McRent Station in Naumburg (Leipzig) and start an exciting trip through wide parts of Germany.

Leipzig is one of the most popular cities for tourists and there are many things to do in the old town. The St. Thomas Church was built in 1212 and is well-known for its Boys´Choir. The famous composer Johann Sebastian Bach was the church´s choirmaster. Outside of the church a stature commemorating his years as choirmaster.

If you like renaissance architecture, you should visit the old historical town in Leipzig. The town hall was built in 1556 and is embellished with mullioned windows and gables.

Visit the Battle of Nations Monument in Leipzig, which commemorates the first major ground battle in human history. It is one of Germany´s most important monuments.

Drive to the nearby Dresden with your rented motorhome and have a look at the Zwinger Palace, the Dresden Frauenkirche and the Semper Oper. Discover the town with your rented motorhome. Enjoy the flexibility.

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