Motorhome rental in Munich

Rent your McRent Motorhome in Sulzemoos close to Munich and start your journey in one of Germany’s most famous cities. 

The cities heart is the “Marienplatz” with its new city hall. This is the center of the Bavarian state capital. It doesn’t matter what season it is, the “Marienplatz” is always well visited by tourists from all over the world. From Impressive carillon in the summer time to the famous Christmas marked in the winter time, this place is a sight that should be visited on your Motorhome vacation. 

If you like to see a few of the highlights this town offers, you can stop at the “Frauenkirche” (women church), which is one of the city’s main landmarks with its two onion domes. 

Take a trip with your rented motorhome to a 500 meter wide magnificent building, which is located in between huge castle grounds. The Schloss Nymphenburg will take your mind back to the time when the Bavarian monarchy was still going on. 

The German museum is a place for people who like natural sciences and where technology is a must have. Visit the world’s biggest museum in the categories natural science and technology with your McRent motorhome and after that enjoy looking at the stars in the museums observatory. 

The worlds famous Oktoberfest, that takes place from the end of September and ends with Germany’s national reunion day is something you want to look at if you’re travelling in Munich at this specific time. People from all over the world come to Munich for this occasion. If you’re not travelling around the time when the Oktoberfest takes place you can make a stop at the “Hofbräuhaus”, which is known as the “Kult-Biertempel” and offers you Bavarian restaurant culture in combination with international flair and is located in a Neo-Renaissance building.

Also Munich has to offer a lot in all the other seasons. You can walk through the well-known “Viktualienmarkt” or visit the biggest downtown castle of Germany called the “Münchner Residenz”. 

Soccer is a big celebrated sport in Germany. The Allianz Arena welcomes those in bright colors who are coming from the north into the city. In clear nights, you can even see the Arena from the mountain summits of Austria. Make a stop with your McRent motorhome to look at the stadium and take a zip line ride through the stadium. 

After an exhausting day of shopping you can go hang out in one of Munich’s beer gardens located in the stunning English garden of Munich. You can relax there and have a picnic or watch the surfers on the Eisbach. Munich offers something for everyone. 

Look forward to a fun McRent motorhome journey with a lot of activities around the Bavarian state capital.


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