Motorhome rental in Rheine

Is there a better way to explore Rheine and its surroundings than travelling with the motorhome?

In Rheine itself, there is a nature zoo with many different animals; it offers the best conditions for a day with the whole family. Close to many animals you can watch them and feed some of the animals. Also here are different guided tours for all age groups where you learn more about the native animals to Germany.

Every year in Mesum is the funfair attraction with rollercoaster, chairoplane, chamber of horror and game booths. Also there are many booths who selling food, drinks and sweets.

43 kilometers away from Rheine there is Osnabrück. One of the special highlights of Osnabrück are different guided tours through the town. The tour stops in different stations in the town, where the guide tells you something more about it. The disguise of the guide and his narrations underscore the exciting atmosphere during the tour.

Close to Rheine is Münster. In Münster there is the Aasee with a length of 2.3 kilometers and a surface of 40.2 hectare. It’s a great opportunity to walk or bicycle around the sea. Furthermore it’s possible to explore the sea with a pedal boat. You also could just enjoy the pure nature.

Another important sight is the St. Paulus Dom. This church exists for more than 750 years. It’s a great and impressive building and has a very important meaning for the diocese. In front of the St. Paulus Dom, there is every week a farmer’s market. There you have the possibility to buy freshly harvest vegetables, fruits and other products from the region.

If you are interested in flowers, then you should visit the botanical garden in Münster.
Or let you fell in another world by visiting one of the plays at the open air theatre.
For sport fans there is the option to make a canoe tour across the Aa or Issel.

Rent a motorhome at McRent Rheine and enjoy the flexibility, which offers the motorhome.

Start your trip in Rheine, visit the nature zoo and Bielefeld or travel to a completely other direction?
Decide spontaneous, because you have the choice. 

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