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Start your holiday in a motorhome in Wertheim.

The historic old town invites visitors to linger. Well-preserved half-timbered houses, some of them date from the 16th century, narrow streets and a beautiful market square characterize the town centre.

Next to the old town is one of the most beautiful and biggest castle ruins, Wertheim Castle. The view from the castle extends over the old town to the river landscapes of the Main and Tauber. Whether you explore the castle by foot, with the castle railway, on a guided tour or by yourself, the castel´s history fascinates every visitor.

Don´t forget the top tower, which was built as a watchtower in the 13th century. Interesting is that the original entrance can only be reached via a ladder at a height of ten meters.

Those who love nature can take a bike tour or hike through the many different landscapes and nature reserves. Whether calm and relaxed or active and sporty, the different routes offer something for everyone.

The Wertheim Village is a dream if you love shopping. In a small village there are more than 80 retailers, mostly high-end fashion brands. However, here you will not only find clothes stores. Many well-known brands such as chocolate manufacturers or cosmetic shops sell their products in the small shops, too. It´s well worth a visit.


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