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Rent your McRent motorhome in Wittlich. Explore the town that is a mid-regional center between the towns Koblenz and Trier and that builds a touristic and cultural center between the rivers Mosel und Eifel in a modern way, by using a virtual city sightseeing application.

You can scan a QR-Code at different places across the city and download the application on your Smartphone. The so-called „Lauschtour“ is available in German and English and tells you about special places and buildings around the town and gives you also further information about historical cultural relevant and traditional places and their stories. In total you can explore eight spots. After your virtual tour you can go shopping or drink a coffee laid-back in one of the towns cozy coffee shops.

How about a bicycle tour? You can explore the beautiful landscape of the Moseleifel by bike and see some of the architectural and cultural treasures that you can find on the route. In addition, you can go on a mountain bike tour in the landscape around Wittlich. This place has the perfect conditions to explore the nature on your mountain bike because Wittlich is embedded in between the south Eifel, Mosel and Vulcaneifel.

Wittlich is also known for its viniculture. Take a trip to the vineyards of Wittlich where you can visit most of the wineries and take part in a guided tour where you will also be able to have a winetasting. If a bouquet is hanging on the front door of a vinery restaurant, that means that the restaurant is open. These so-called „Straußenwirtschaften“ or bouquet restaurants are opened a maximum of 16 weeks a year and they only offer wine from in-house production. After the tasting you will mostly be served a tasty wine-grower meal.

You are looking for action, fun and adventures with your children? Then you should take a trip with your McRent motorhome to Eifelpark. At this theme and animal park you can find lynx, bears and wolves in outdoor enclosures or take a ride with one of the 40 carnival rides. At this park the famous bird of prey demonstration is also being shown, just like the feeding of the wild animals. If you spend time in the park, you should try not to miss one of these shows.

Another highlight that you should not miss on your motorhome vacation close to Wittich is a visit at the Nurburgring. Visit one of the most challenging, longest and busiest race courses of the world.

It is up to you which highlights you´re going to take into consideration to look at with your McRent motorhome. Feel free and enjoy your journey.

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