Motorhome rental in Gera

Rent your McRent Motorhome in the third biggest city of Thuringia. The so called Otto-Dix-Town has a lot to offer, especially when it comes to activities for the whole family to make your vacation unforgettable.

Explore Gera by bicycle. The town that is embedded in delightful hilly landscape at the shore of the river white elster and has a great developed bicycle path that invites nature lovers to explore the urban forest, the Hofwiesenpark and many of the villa gardens of the town by bike.

A must-see for art lovers is the city hall which is built in renaissance style, just like the cities pharmacy that consists of a renaissance styled oriel. Another building you should look at is the Schulenburg which was designed by a Belgium architect. For cultural entertainment you can plan a trip to the theater, the cultural center or visit one of the four museums that the town hast o offer.

Take a trip to the museum of natural history to visit the „Gera Höhler“, a labyrinth ten meters under the ground that was once used as a storage place for beer. You can also join a guided tour the „Schwarzbiertour“ and learn something about the saga of Gera´s underworld.

For sport and family activities you can take a trip to the crag and if it rains, you can plan a day at the „Hofwiesenbad“, that is the biggest indoor swimming pool in Thuringia. The water park has a pipe water slide that has a length of 65 meters, doesn´t that sound fun?

Get behind the traces of Martin Luther and take a trip with your McRent motorhome to the Wartburg. Travel with your family to „Saalfelder Feengrotten“ or fairy grotto and discover the highlights of Thuringia with your motorhome.


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