Motorhome rental in Great Britain

Great Britain - an island full of culture and contrasts

Flowery meadows, medieval castles, moorlands, rugged coasts, deep forests and trendy metropolises turn Great Britain into a gorgeous holiday destination.
The country is full of contrasts, wherever you go you find a plurality of different landscapes, cultures and customs. England, Scotland, Wales or North Ireland, regardless of which kind of holidays, e.g. bathing, city tours or discovery trips – driving through Great Britain with a motorhome has its own special flair. 

Travel to the capital city London with its famous Tower Bridge, Buckingham Palace and the Oxford Street. Do a trip to the south east of England, which is popular for its coastal resorts and interesting places like the “Isle of Man” or Dover with its high chalk cliffs. Drive to the north of England with your motor home. Further sights like Manchester or the cultural Oxford with its traditional university are waiting for you. In England’s south west port Bristol and the coastal resort Plymouth are worth seeing. 

One of the most important and mysterious monuments of world’s history is the prehistoric Stonehenge in Wiltshire. It was named UNESCO world cultural heritage and is one of the most visited monuments in south west England. Camp on the adjacent camping site and start a discovery trip to Wiltshire. Drive with your motorhome the oldest road in Europe, the Ridgeway, visit the first safari-park in Longleat or view the cathedral’s highest tower in Salisbury. You and your family won’t get bored in Wiltshire and if you do, you drive on with your rented motor home and benefit from the flexibility the vehicle entails.

Great Britain fascinates as a holiday destination because of its lived, centuries old traditions, the landscapes’ charm and its inhabitants. Rent a motorhome from the McRent station in London and start your trip directly in the capital.

Don’t be frightened of the left-handed traffic! Start your motor home trip unhurriedly and you will notice that you will get used to it soon. 

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