Motorhome rental in Rye

Rent your McRent motorhome in Rye, a small town in East Sussex and start your trip through England from here. Rye is a town that can impress with its charm back from the middle ages.

Embark a journey back to the middle ages. Take a trip with your rented motorhome to Parish church St. Mary. The church was built in the 12th century and converted a lot of times. Today this building is a mixture between the Norman-, Decorated-, Early-English-, and Modern-Style. A little hint: Apparently the towers watch is the oldest one of the country.

Take a drive from Rye to Rye harbor and go hiking in the Natural reservoir. This Experience is unbelievable beautiful and will always be remembered by thee who are nature lovers. Enjoy the smell and the sound of the ocean. You will possibly see some rare bird species. This is a perfect place to get some rest, silence and time to relax.

Take a trip to the beach Camber Sands and take a look at the kite surfers. This endless long and wide sandy beach offers a lot of possibilities to spend your day. Go to the kite surfing school nearby, and try out this sport. That would be a lot of fun.

Besides, you shouldn’t miss “Ypres tower museum”. Go on a Sightseeing tour with your motorhome and visit the museum that is located in an old ruin. From the top of its tower you will have an amazing view over the surrounded area. It’s time to get some rest and to enjoy the view.

Take a family trip to Rye Heritage Center and find out more about the history of town Rye. In this district you’ll find a lot of junk and antiques shops.

Another must-do for your trip is, to visit Mermaid-Street. This street is probably the most attractive one of the cobbled streets. Also, you should visit the Mermaid-Inn which used to be a meeting point for smugglers. You can tell, that the buildings front is from the 15th and 17th century.

Beautiful to look at is also the landgate, a town gate from the 13th century, which is still well-reserved. It is always recommendable to explore the area by hiking or bicycling. So why don’t you take a bicycle trip?

For its town size, Rye has a lot to offer and the towns charm will definitely be liked by young and old. 

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