Motorhome rental in Iceland

Discover the country of fire and ice – with a motorhome!

Iceland is famous for its breath-taking landscapes. No matter where you go, everywhere unbelievable beauty is waiting for you. How could you do a circular trip over the world’s biggest volcanic island better than within a motorhome? So pack your camera, rent a motorhome from McRent in Reykjanesbær and start your holiday trip!

Start your trip with your rented motorhome e.g. in the island’s South West and visit the Cap Dyrhólaey, the black lava beach, which is voted by tourists as one of the top ten of the world’s most beautiful beaches. Further attractions of this part of Iceland are the island’s biggest active volcano Hekla, which was called “the gate to hell” in earlier times, the fascinating “golden cascade” Gullfloss and the Great Geysir and its active brother Stokkur. 

You will also find spectacular views in the South East and you will be able to see the effects of fire and water on the island with your own eyes. For example you can view the famous Laki cleavage, which resulted from a volcanic eruption. The impressive canyon Fjaðrágljúfur, which in turn indicates the enormous power of a river, is en route, too. Still relaxation won’t be missed out: Visit with your motorhome the camping site, swim with your family in the warm stream and enjoy unhurriedly the picturesque landscape. 

The island’s North East does not only offer scenically highlights. Visit for example the fishing museum in Eskiförður or the architectural most interesting church in Akureyi. Volcano enthusiasts can enjoy this part of the island, too: Gaze at the volcano Herðubreið or the caldera Hverjfall near lake Mývatn out of your rented motorhome. Especially advisable are the echo rocks Hijóðaklettar!

Two very special highlights are in the North West of the country. Watch one of the island’s biggest bird populations at its nesting site, the spectacular fjord near Látrabjarg – the cliff declines nearly vertical 400m into depth! Not less impressive is the about 100m deep rushing cascade Dynjandi, a force of nature you really shouldn’t miss. Who wants to learn more about the country’s culture and history can view Glaumbær, a historic Icelandic farm built out of turf, the common building material until the end of the 19th century. 

Iceland’s wildlife will also amaze you. Watch, while driving your motorhome, the impressive bird life, like for example the magnificent Atlantic puffin, furthermore reindeers, Arctic foxes, common seals, and freely roving around flocks of sheep. For a very special travel experience you should park your rented motorhome for a while: discover the island on the back of one of the noble, worldwide known Iceland horses and enjoy their comfortable gait “Tolt”.  Who wants to please his children or himself should participate at a whale watching navy. The chance to see a whale is about 99% in Iceland!

Iceland also amazes in winter: McRent Iceland Video

As you can see, there are many reasons to visit Iceland – let us be your trusty companion!

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Motorhome rental in Iceland