Motorhomes in Limerick

Limerick is the most charismatic city at the Shannon.
The King John´s Castle is next to the river Shannon, which is the longest river in Ireland. The castle is more than 800 years old and shows the history of Limerick and Ireland.
Close to the castle is the St. John´s Cathedrale. The St. John´s Cathedrale in Limerick has the tallest spire in Ireland.

If you want to spend a shopping day in Limerick, the main shopping street O'Connell Street is the right place. Many large and small idyllic shops invite you to stay or for a cup of tea in the afternoon.

Another Highlight in Limerick is the Lough Gur lake who forms a horseshoe shape. Round the lake, stone circles, hill forts and fortresses form the scenery. There are plenty of myths and stories about the Lough Gur.

Very close to the McRent Station in Limerick are the airports Shannon and Kerry.
Rent a motorhome from the McRent Station in Limerick and visit the beautiful island Ireland.


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