Motorhome rental in Sardinia

Be inspired by a vacation through the second biggest island in the Mediterranean Sea. The Mediterranean region Sardinia has multiple faces, it has a lot of places to offer that are totally worth visiting besides its white beaches and beautiful coasts.

Rent your motorhome at our station in Sardinia in Selargius, Cagliari and go see one of the places a person loving Sardinia must have seen, the Nuraghe of Barumini. This UNESCO World Heritage is one of the best preserved Nuraghes of 7000 towers on the island.

Go follow the footprints of the Catalan past in the old town of Alghero. The city can also score with its breathtaking beaches and is also close to the city Bosa. In Bosa you will relax to the flair of river towns and start daydreaming.

If you want to spend a perfect day on the beach, you might want to take your family on a trip to the beach of Chia, which is known for its super blue and clear water, with your rented motorhome. This will be the perfect location, to spend a day on the beach filled with lots of fun and laughter.Not far from the beach of chia, you can visit the archeological site of the Punic city of Nora and explore the still active lighthouse “Capo Spartivento”.

If you want to take a trip that will last your whole day, you can visit another UNESCO World Heritage, the “La Maddalena-Archipel” which consists of seven main islands and you will be able to visit all the breathtaking beaches and bays that are only accessible by water. The canyon “Su Gorruppu” is also a thrilling place to have in mind to visit. It´s the deepest canyon in Sardinia what makes it’s totally worth taking a trip with your motorhome to. 

For the most beautiful view on the sea you want to consider taking a trip to “Grotto di nettuno”, which is only accessible by a lot of stairs and by boat but those 6000 steps will be worth it.

Beaches like “Cala Mariolu” or “Cala Goloritze” will make you speechless by the crystal blue view on the water.  Charming sardonic coastal villages will make you not want to leave and the cave “grotto from Is Zuddas” with its air humidity of 97 percent and constant 16 degrees Celsius will give a contrast to the warm climate.  This cave is more than just a stalactite cave. Stalagmites will be growing across the hallways.

No matter what kind of intention you have, Sardinia is the perfect region to be explored eventful with your rented motorhome. 


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