Motorhome rental in Sicily

Explore Italy’s biggest island with your rented motorhome. Surrounded by the Ionian, Tyrrhenian and Mediterranean Sea, the island offers you a cultural contrast between its quiet and romantic towns located close to the coast and its rapid living city Palermo.

Rent your motorhome in our McRent pick-up station Sicily in Randazzo and explore the beautiful island on your own. Go after the traces of remains of the town Akragas, which can be found in the archeological site in Agrigent, which is known for being the place where you can find the most stunning archeological things.

Let your breath been taken away by learning about Sicily’s biggest museum, where you can find treasures of the Greek and roman prehistory of east Sicily.

You can also visit the Etna with your motorhome, which is Europe’s biggest active Vulcan. 2001 was the last time that the Vulcan erupted and that Lava came out of its numerous side craters. The Etna is still a really popular location visited by many tourists every year. If you drive your motorhome to Nicolosi, the Etna can be visited best.

We recommend you to go on a sightseeing tour with your motorhome and visit all of the small towns around the coast, like Taormina, San Vito Lo Capo or Panarea. Enjoy a nice and relaxing evening close to the beach by tasting all of the regional foods the region is willing to offer or enjoy the rest of your day by walking along the beautiful coast.

You should take a stop at the UNESCO World Natural Heritage, which is located on the island Vulcano. That’s a place where you can find geothermal natural tubs, that are heated up by the Lavas natural heat and which are free accessible for everyone.

On your way to the lively city Palermo, you should take a stop at Agrigento and visit “Valle di Tempi”. These are one of the most important buildings of the antique time of Greece. Also, you should plan a trip to the monument of Norman art, known as the “Duomo di monreale”.This building is famous for its mosaics and the admirable crossing entrance.

Take a road trip to Palermo with your whole family and let your self be inspired by the cities diverse styles of old houses like Arabic domed buildings and baroque buildings. You can´t miss out on “Teatro Massimo” or “Palazzo Reale”. Both are buildings you have to have seen at least once.

“A city that lives”, that’s what Palermo is known for due to its extraordinary colorful markets. The town celebrates its own impressive festival every year in July to praise their patroness with the “festino di santa Rosalia”. This is a parade which takes place once a year through the main streets of Palermo. Look forward to having romantic walks along the coast, days filled with laughter and fun on the beach with your family, for instance at the beach of “Mondello Bay”.

No matter what your preferences are, Sicily is a region in which you can find numerous countless things to look at while you are on a motorhome vacation and we promise it will never get boring. 

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