Motorhome rental New Zealand

One of the most popular countries for motorhome holidays is New Zealand. This archipelagic state offers a lot of interesting destinations, so the best way of exploring the island is a rented motorhome from McRent!

Already the capital city Wellington is extraordinary, because the Oriental Bay lies in the midst of the urban area and also the city’s botanical Garden is well worth seeing.

The most fascinating in New Zealand surely is its very special, diversified nature, because on the island you find nearly everything, from rain forests over steppe like landscapes up to alpine vegetation. A prime example for this variety is the Franz-Josef-Glacier, which abuts directly on the rain forest. Nature fans should also explore the Fjordland National Park, one of the UNESCO world heritages.

Also typical for New Zealand’s wildlife is the nearly complete lack of mammalians, instead there are a lot of unique bird species, e.g. the ratite Kiwi or the Kea parrot. Different penguin species can be seen at the coast and especially popular is whale watching, because a lot of dolphins and whales swim near to the coast of New Zealand.

We also recommend the following destinations for your motorhome journey:

  • In the spa town Rotorua you can enjoy numerous „Thermal Wonderlands“ and learn something about the Maori, New Zealand’s original inhabitants.
  • The Waitomo Caves in the Waitomo district enchant with the lights of the glow worms.
  • The Bay of Islands in the subtropical Northland is a great place for fishing, sailing and extensive walks along the beach.