Motorhome rental in Nordkjosbotn

Welcome to the fjord’s peak – Nordkjosbotn!

Near to the modern City Tromso, which is close to the Arctic Sea, winter athletes can get it started. Put your ski equipment into your motorhome and start your adventure in snowy Norway.  Also hikers enjoy the indescribable phenomenon of the legendary Northern Light over the 1,000m high mountains. The hiking route is even more fascinating, when it’s illuminated from torches and candles.  However, not only the dark months are suitable for hunting the Aurora Borealis. September, October, February and March– the Northern Lights appear even more often in those months. Don’t forget to photograph these spectacular images!

And that’s for sure: Fish can’t be fresher! Fish the delicacy directly from the Sea on to your plate - but don’t forget your sunglasses. Even at Midnight the sun can be glaring in Nordkjosbotn. It’s really a great place for Campers to enjoy the nearly rainless area with its amazing landscape. So visit „Norway’s biggest crossroad“ with one of our McRent motorhomes to experience charmed winter dreams in a fascinating country.

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