Motorhome rental in Portugal

Enjoy the miscellaneousness of Portugal

Beautiful beaches, picturesque fishing villages, historical towns and a fascinating landscape – all this offers Portugal – situated at the Algarve. Begin your journey of discovery where many years ago the sailors have begun their journeys. Make an excursion to Sagres. At the fortress on a ledge of rocks you will realize, why this region has developed to the starting point for exploratory missions. Embark on a journey through the diverse landscapes.

Renting a motorhome is like enjoying flexibility

From the temperate climate in the north up to the hot and hilly Algarve. The south of Portugal has become a popular destination with his pinewoods and grain-fields with olive groves and cork oaks. Mostly there are only a few miles that separate the different regions of each other. Therefore it is possible to lie on the beach with blue, green or turquoise-colored water on the one day and to walk in the mountains on the other day. Walk along the blossoming fields or mountain slopes in which grapes are grown for the Portuguese wine. Drive somewhere else every day with your rented motorhome or stay at the places you like a few days longer. The flexibility you can enjoy with a rented motorhome is big. No matter where you are, traditional politeness and caring hospitality are given in Portugal. 

Discover the highlights of Portugal

The country offers a lot of in culinary lusciousness. The Portuguese eat a lot of fish and seafood with supplements like potatoes or rice. The national dish of the Portuguese is the so called Bacalhau, a salted and dried cod fish, which can be prepared in many different ways. Coastal regions are suited perfectly to enjoy the seafood specialties of the country. 

You would like to do some sports? Portugal is a paradise for golfers. Many of the 60 golf courses offer a unique panoramic view over the coast and the sea. Whether you are a beginner or a professional golfer, here every sports enthusiast will get his own charge. The coastal region is also an ideal place to practice water sports such as windsurfing, sailing or diving. The bullfights which take place from March to October offer a cultural highlight. At the Campo Pequeno in Lisbon these fights take place every Sunday afternoon and offer a spectacular and unforgettable experience. A well-known landmark you should not miss on your journey through Portugal with your rented motorhome is the Tower of Belem.

You can experience an absolute highlight for your children, but also for you on the island Madeira. A ferry will take you and your rented motorhome to the beautiful holiday island. Drive to the open water with a boat and observe whales and dolphins. We promise you an unforgettable day.

No matter how long you stay in one place or how many cities you would like to discover, with your motorhome from McRent everything is possible. 

Let us be your faithful companion! We promis individual holiday luck!

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