Motorhome rental in Spain

Spain – inspire the passion in you

Discover the traditional and passionate Spain with its mixed landscapes and cultures with your rented motorhome. Travel with your motorhome through north, south and central spain and make as many stops as you like. Travel along the Spanish Pyrenees, through the Karst area to the coast of the Bay of Biskaya or to Cantabria and Galicia. Make a stop at the cave of Altamira (Cantabria) and marvel at beautiful rock paintings, which date from the Paleolithic era of the past. On your journey through Spain you will pass wonderful beaches with turquoise-coloured water and juicy-green nature. Enjoy the flexibility in your motorhome holiday. Be enchanted by fiery guitar music, the passion for bullfighting, breathtaking nature and the temperament of Spain. Start a trip in the culinary variety of Spanish specialties. A total of 17 regions of the country offer the most different dishes based on the climatic and vegetative conditions so that everyone gets it´s money´s worth. 

With the motorhome across Spain

Explore the north of Spain with your rented motorhome and learn something about the Basque country with its very own culture preserved for centuries and his wonderful old towns San-Sebastion-Donostia, as well as the art town Bilbao. The Basque Country is the ideal region for explorers travelling away from mass tourism. Hike on ways through enchanted forests, Pyreneen oaks and holms oaks. Go to the region of Galicia and its mountainous and humid area and get on the trail of the historic Camino de Santiago. Visit the cathedral Santiago de Compostela which belongs since 1985 to the Worlds cultural heritage of UNESCO since 1985. 

Continue your trip and go with your rented motorhome to Southern Spain. Andalusia is known for its sun, writer, traditions and the marvellous inheritance of its Arabian fathers. Continue on a trip through white villages and imposing landscapes. Particularly beautiful are the provinces of Cadiz and Huelva on the Costa de la Luz. Here you can swim with your children at beautiful and extensive beaches and dune landscape build sand castles and just relax. 

Discover the treasures of Spain

You are a lover of culture? Travel to the secret capital of Spain with your rented motorhome. In the old center of Barcelona there are the most beautiful laces in the city. Gorgeous palaces and decorated facades. Well known landmarks of the city are the buildings of the architect Antoni Gaudi. Visit the immense mammoth cathedral Sagrada Familia, which hasn´t been finished until today. Scale the spire and enjoy a breathtaking view over Barcelona.

Continue the way to central Spain through the cities of Madrid or Navarra and walk through the historical lanes and visit ancient constructions and museums. A special atmosphere radiates the Castilla La Mancha by the many windmills, which was announced by Miguel de Cervantes novel “The Ingenious Hidalgo Don Quixote of La Mancha.” 

Wine and nature lovers in the region of La Rioja will get their moneys worth. Drive to one of the most popular wine producing areas in Spain with your rented motorhome, learn more about the production of Spanish wine and have a little wine tasting.  

For athletic persons Spain is a paradise. The climate is perfect for doing sports outside. Whether hiking, mountain biking or skiing in the Pyrenees, playing golf on the Costa del Sol or practice water sports including sailing, diving and surfing on the north coast of Spain. You will not get bored. 

No matter what plan you have in your vacation with your rented motorhome, Spain is definitely worth a vacation!

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