Motorhome rental in Alícante

The seaport Alicante is well known for its extraordinary promenade “Explanda de España”. Around one million blue, red and ivory coloured, lamellar arranged marble stones give you the impression of walking over waves. The promenade is surrounded by about 400 palm trees, whose shadows are very pleasant when you go for a walk in hot Spain.

The historic centre of Alicante has a lot of beautiful old houses and small alleys to explore. Especially the town hall, the Ayuntamiento , is interesting. It’s enclosed from two 35 metres high towers and the mirror gallery inside, in the Salón Azul (blue parlour), is impressive.

Also the castle Santa Barbara from the 13th century is well worth seeing. From this 160 metres high viewpoint you have an amazing view over the city.

So start your camping journey with your rented motorhome in Altet (Alicante) and enjoy right at the start a town full of Mediterranean atmosphere!

So start your motorhome journey in Altet (Alícante).

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