Motorhome rental in Girona

Pack yoursuitcases, fly to Girona and rent locally a motorhome at the McRent station near Girona.

Discover the North East of Catalonia in a motorhome and visit the provincial capital Girona. The centre of the citiy lies at Riu Onyar, where the rivers Ter and Onyar confluence.

Girona’s surrounding offers a multiplicity of different activities. The differential landscapes and the unaffected nature enable for example a riding tour along the coasts. Enjoy the fish delicacies and get an insight in Spain traditions. Girona’s night life is also worth trying. For this you need to know that night life in Spain doesn’t start until 11 p.m. Relax during the day in your motorhome directly at the beach and enjoy the chumminess and amiability of the Spanish people in bars, pubs, restaurants and discotheques in the evening.

Before moving on in your motorhome you should visit Girona’s leisure park –La Devesa. It’s Catalonia’s biggest public park and famous for its plane allies. Furthermore on Tuesday and Saturday the market for fruits and vegetables is placed there.

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