Motorhome rental in Switzerland

More than winter sports

The Alps capture about 48% of the Switzerland’s territory – a paradise for skier, snowboarder and other winter athletes.
Switzerland is not only an ideal holiday destination during the winter time. Also in summer numerous lakes, large-scaled forests and the gorgeous mountain panorama delight the hearts of hikers and lovers of nature.  Do for example a cruise over the Lake Geneva or visit the biosphere park Entlebuch in the canton Lucerne. There you can enjoy the beauty of the alpine pastures and moorlands.
Switzerland is the right destination for friends of culture as well. Visit the capital city Bern, which historic centre was deputized a World Heritage Site. Walk through the arcades and experience the middle age atmosphere of this amazing city. Don’t forget to visit the bear family at the famous Bear Park! 
Also worth seeing is the city Geneva, where the UNO is based. Visit the palace of the United Nations and the International Museum of the Red Cross. 

Interested in museums you should also make a tour through Basel. The university city has Switzerland‘s highest concentration of museums as well as many beautiful parks, botanic gardens and the biggest zoo in Switzerland. 

Lucerne in Central Switzerland does not only offer numerous festivals at the futuristic culture and congress centre (KKL), but is an ideal starting point for a trip on the mountain Pilatus or the “Rigi”, the queen of mountains, too. Also recommendable: a steamship cruise over the Vierwaldstätter lake.
Switzerland has many attractions – discover them with a rental motorhome of McRent. 

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Motorhome rental in Switzerland