Motorhome rental in the Netherlands

Holland, experience the variety of the regions with your own senses

Holland, from the locals rather called the Netherlands, offers on a surface of more than 41.500 km² a really spectacular landscape which is made be explored with a motorhome. Experience the watt region with its varying low tide and flood very closely from your motorhome. Drive to one of many wonderful national parks or relax at one of the countless, endlessly seeming flower fields. Travel to the provinces Limburg and Nordrabant that form the south or stay in the plain areas of the very north. Just do both!

Discover the highlights of the Netherlands

Experience the historical castle ruins and palaces of the Netherlands in the east and use the opportunity to unpack your bicycles and do a tour to these fascinating areas, surrounded by medieval buildings. 
Go wherever you want, you are not bound to a hotel. You can use the opportunity to be flexible and follow your instincts. Drive to Rotterdam with your rented motorhome and enjoy the harbour of Rotterdam with all its facets.

You are looking for old traditions and stories on your trip through the Netherlands?
Visit the Zaansee Schans not far from Amsterdam, the first industrial area in the world. All houses are still originally from the 17th / 18th century. 

You ache for culture? Make a boat tour though the canals of Amsterdam or visit the cheese market of Gouda. In the Netherlands there are 7 UNESCO World Cultural Heritages which you may not miss on your trip through the country.

The gourmets get completely at their expense. Travel to the province of Zeeland and enjoy fresh oyster, a tasty lobster or the famous Zeeland lamb meat. 

No matter which project you have in your vacation with your rented motorhome. Holland is a beautiful country to make holiday. 

Let us be your faithful companion!

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Motorhome rental in the Netherlands