Maxx our McRent maskottchen and travel blogger

May I introduce myself? – my name is Maxx and I´m the new travel blogger of McRent.

Hi everyone, I am a little alien coming to explore with you the Earth, my name is Maxx.

While travelling in my spaceship along the dark universe, I came across the Earth and its beautiful colors captured my attention. Up to this point I just observed this impressive world from above. My curiosity has grown and I have studied the Earth for a long time, learning from all beings in it. I noticed when people are travelling together and discover different countries, they are happier. Some of them travel by plane, others travel by car and also a lot of people travel with a motorhome. By travelling with a motorhome, the people have the possibility to discover different countries and cities within a short time. On their trip, they take funny pictures and let the beautiful day gone when they sit together outdoors and thinking about where to go the next day. Another awesome advantage is that you have always your home with you. You may decide spontaneously where the sun is shining and where you intend to travel. Well, it is the same like travelling with my spaceship. So, let’s go and start this adventure.

My friends of McRent turned my spaceship into a wonderful motorhome and gave me the chance to go with you to discover and enjoy the amazing experience of travelling.

Today Germany, tomorrow Italy or Spain and next week New Zealand or Japan – together with my partner McRent and you, I´m looking for new adventures and interesting roadtrips to the most beautiful holiday destinations. My motto is:  New adventures, new joys together with you in the motorhomes of McRent towards the sun!!

Are you ready to start our adventure? Take me to the Eifel Tower in Paris or in let us have a ride on the London Eye, it will be exciting. Afterwards, we could just relax and enjoy the sunset in the Blue Lagoon in Reykjaavik or see the castle of Neuschwanstein, or mmmmm let us visit the Sagrada familia in Barcelona! It will be a great time!!!!

The good thing is: By travelling with a motorhome, we can stop where we like it most, for example at the beach in Portugal, Italy or Croatia. I cannot wait to feel the sand beneath my feed and hear the sound of the waves. These are just a few destinations of my dreams…

Another idea on my bucket list is to fly to Japan and discover the land of the rising sun. I prefer to come to the Japanese Cherry Blossom Festival. It is in spring and all the cherry trees bloom in beautiful colors like rose and white.

From New Zealand I also have heard so many beautiful and good things. The gorgeous varying nature from rainforest over velded landscapes and the coasts. In addition, there are many different bird species and marine animals like whales and dolphins.

Another interesting thing would be to travel with the motorhome in winter. How will it feel to stop in front of the ski slope and be the first one on the ski slope in the morning? Am I good in skiing? Well, we will see…

You see, I have a lot of things on my bucket list. Where should we start? My friends from McRent have more than 100 rental stations along Europe, New Zealand and Japan, just let me know your plans and I will be happy to start exciting adventures together with you in a McRent motorhome.

Do you have ideas for adventures? Let us know your suggestions and send an email to presse(at) .